“Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it.  What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside”.

– Ramana Maharshi

Have you ever thought about the reason why you want the things you want? Whether it’s weight loss, the ring, or a bigger bank account, what you’re really seeking is the happiness, comfort, and security you think you’re finally going to experience when you achieve these things.  But if you’re not happy now, you’ll never be happy. ‘Then’ is always, perpetually around the corner.  It never comes.  So, the way to real happiness is to recognize its presence in this moment.  You have to be genuinely at peace, now.  You have to be whole to experience wholeness.  You have to be love to be loved. Your primary purpose, is to rediscover and stay aware of the current of inner Beauty. This is not a metaphor– it’s a felt experience, and when you’re aware of IT, you’re aware of being naturally joyful, whole, secure… you’re aware of being HER.  Inner Beauty is your blueprint, and the moment you remember to turn to and feel IT, you are automatically unstuck, taken out of ‘neutral’, and showing up as your best self.
Through #BeHerNow Coaching, Nikki is available for unlimited, real-time text messaging, 5 days per week, and monthly Facetime and audio calls, for a select number of clients. Imagine what you could achieve if, in your most turbulent moments, you were able to receive on-the-spot responses from Nikki as you examine and expand beyond your negative, limiting, and restrictive beliefs?  She will work closely with you, as your accountability partner, providing individualized advice, walking you through exercises, and guiding you through enlightening meditations– all with the intent of re-introducing you to your natural state.  She will be with you every step of the way on your journey to living on purpose, as HER—the happier, clearer, healthier, and more successful YOU.
#BeHerNow Coaching is a subscription service.  All of the subscriptions are automatically charged on a monthly basis.  There are no contracts whatsoever and you can cancel your plan anytime!

Current One-on-One Plans



“Sometimes you hear the same things said over and over, and each time it resonates with you — and then sometimes you hear one thing (said in a different light), one time (at the right time) and your mind and spirit is awakened and renewed. One conversation with Nikki did that for me.” - Terri

“No matter how I’m feeling at that particular time, after a call or message with Nikki, I am always able to tap into “Her” or “The Bliss”. I am able to feel the joy and rest into the feeling of peace.”

- Chamero

“I‎ not‎ only‎ consider‎ Nikki‎ a‎ hair‎ guru‎ but‎ also‎ my‎ personal‎ guru.‎ Her‎ guidance‎ via‎ text,‎ and‎ phone‎ calls‎ has‎ encouraged‎ me‎ along‎ my‎ daily‎ journey‎ to‎ internal‎ peace.‎ Meditation‎ and‎ prayer‎ as‎ a‎ lifestyle‎ once‎ seemed‎ impossible‎ to‎ me‎ and‎ is‎ still‎ difficult‎ most‎ days.‎ Nikki‎ has‎ helped‎ to‎ remind‎ me‎ how‎ to‎ access‎ the‎ connection‎ to‎ God‎ who‎ lives‎ in‎ me.‎ ‎ That‎ connection‎ is‎ ever‎ present‎ and‎ once‎ you‎ realize‎ how‎ easy‎ it‎ is‎ to‎ feel‎ Go(o)d‎ you‎ will‎ realize‎ your‎ power‎ as‎ HER.”‎

- Tiffany

“Speaking and messaging with Nikki is so immensely helpful as I grow into becoming my truest self. She is able to make a lot of the ideas and themes that I’ve been struggling to understand and feel, easily digestible. Her positivity and love radiates through her messages and it has been truly transformative in my life. It works! It is so great to be able to speak with someone who can relate to my experiences, and her voice is sooo calming and peaceful. Each time that I interact with Nikki, I leave much better than when I arrived, and that’s priceless.” - Jasmine Yugen

“Decided to #BeHerNow on a Monday (yesterday). I cold-called and emailed some the biggest PR firms in New York. I was nervous but did it anyway, and guess what? I just got a collaboration email back less than 2 hours ago asking for my rates!!!  Nikki’s posts speak to me and make me want to challenge myself and swing big. So happy I did! Thank you Nikki for always putting positive, uplifting, value into this world!” - LaRie

“I DM’d Nikki randomly when I was spiraling one day and was surprised when she responded within seconds and wanted to know a good time to chat. I could feel her warmth from that message and that carried on into our conversation. Nikki was so easy to talk to, like the neutral, unbiased knowledgeable friend we all need but don’t have. She gave me some great advice and books to start my self-care practice. Thank you Nikki.”

- Fabiola

“Nikki has truly been a Godsend for me!  I was truly in a dark place and needed genuine counsel. I have been following her for years and was very familiar with her work. I sent her a DM on a whim. I didn’t think she would even respond to me. Not only did she respond, but she has been with me every step of the way. She is patient, she understands where I am, my setbacks, and she celebrates my wins with me.  I don’t know where I would be if she had not responded to my message. I am so very thankful.” - Krys

“CurlyNikki’s messages are very prompt. She’s very patient and redirects me almost instantaneously to focus on #BeherNow. Let me explain, she reminds me to focus on the positive, good, and live my life in expectancy. I have more God feels for sure and I’ve seen more light because of what’s within me that she has assisted in drawing out of me. She has encouraged me to be the woman that’s really there, the one that I desire to be, but really the woman that I already am. She consistently gives me truth, not what sounds good, but truth! Thank you! I’m so grateful!”

- Marquisha

“Having access to Nikki’s wisdom and words has changed my life. From her quick responses on Twitter to direct messages on Instagram, she has been able to provide me inspiration and encouragement in my personal journey. The access and interaction you get from Nikki is truly one of a kind; she is that spiritual auntie everyone needs in their corner. She will push you, encourage you, question you all to push you towards your authentic self.” - Jara

“Being able to talk to Nikki on a one to one basis has made me feel supported and encouraged during my self-care and self-love journey. Her wealth of knowledge and kindness has given me comfort in speaking to her honestly and openly about my life. I always look forward to when we talk because I know she will pour into me and support my growth, learning, and understanding.” - Ashley J

“Nikki’s messages have been so effective in supporting me to acknowledge, unmask and manifest my best self. Her soothing and straightforward words are always on target and applicable to my circumstances. This has been one of the best and most obvious periods of growth for me!!” - K.C.

“Nikki’s guidance in my spiritual journey has been invaluable. Her tools and resources calmed my turbulent waves and guided me back to myself. “ - Traci

“Nikki has helped me to realize the potential of my true self. I love how everything she said to me was firm and honest. With her help, I’ve learned how to cultivate peace from within and I’m so thankful!” - T.Thomas

“Nikki has been able to have me rethink my life and how I see things from a different perspective. Her exercises have pushed me to start operating out of a place of love and not fear or “when I get this, then…”. She reintroduces you back to your TRUE self, and makes you see you’ve been this person all along. It’s a process to get there, and Nikki will guide you along, knowing you can get there, even when you don’t believe you can.” - ShayRene

“Speaking to Nikki on the phone and being able to exchange over text messages gave me so much clarity and I was able to build upon some of the messages that she wrote on IG that I connected with. It was such a pleasure to speak with Nikki, it felt like I’ve known her forever, she’s so relatable and easy to talk to and most importantly I felt safe talking to her about some really deep and personal stuff. She earned that trust through speaking her truth on IG, this really connected with me, speaking with her on the phone was an elevation of this. I’m grateful for her and our conversations.” - Ruthie

“Nikki always comes from a place of patience and non-judgment.  I appreciate this the most. I sometimes judge my own questions and feel embarrassed to come and ask her but she consistently replies with non-judgment.

Two – Nikki’s eagerness to help is palpable. She is always willing to help and try to explain.  Three – Nikki’s passion is also palpable, she is so passionate about being Her, passionate about sharing her knowledge. Passionate about trying to help her audience understand what she loves.” - Brittany

“Nikki is an incredible, full of light being. After talking to her, I have become much calmer.  My nerves are coming down, I’m more centered. I am not perfect by any means, but the messages and the phone call are the beginning of a meditative journey to inner peace. So thank you!” - Diana

“Nikki offered great insight to my struggles with fear and procrastination.  I’ve applied her tips to start with small tasks and feel better that I’m on the right track.’ - Crystal

“Nikki’s words kept playing over and over in my head all through from yesterday’s call.  In times past I’ve come out of interviews feeling like crap, wondering what on earth I did, but this time what made the difference is the mindset going in, that’s what changed! I focused on what could go right and acted like that, thanks to Nikki’s instructions on our call!  You have no idea what that phone call did for me! Thank you for allowing God to use you to help countless people around the globe!” - Tanika

“Nikki’s advice has been invaluable to me on my journey to self-awareness. She gave me some helpful tips, in very simple terms, to be able to practice meditation without getting so easily distracted, as I usually do while just focusing on the breath. She also recommended some great resources to help further my journey as well!” - Diandra

“ I come from a place of true Appreciation and Gratitude for Nikki. I am experiencing a contrast in my life that has revealed to me, ME! As Nikki’s words comforted me, She reassured me that I was VALUABLE that I am a Multifaceted individual who “GOT THIS”. She in a brief moment settled my heart and mind. Nikki offered me some techniques to practice Being “HER” and She reminded me that the Journey is NOW. APPRECIATE IT, BREATHE IT ALL, AND FIND HAPPINESS IN THE NOW.” - Tamela

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